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"I absolutely love Hollis McCarthy's soothing voice. She perfectly adds emotions to the story just as I would while reading it myself."

"The reader is terrific and it's easy to tell who is talking at any given time. Take a listen and be transported!"

"With Ms. Burnham's words and Ms. McCarthy's presentation, I felt magic. A winning combination of author, narrator and sentimental characters. At the end, it's hard to walk away."

Hollis narrates for Random House, Highbridge Audio,  Audible, Tantor Audio, Harper Harlequin & ACX. 

"Mark McCarthy was excellent for the narrator of this book.  I enjoyed his performance of every character."

​"The narrator did a great job with all the different characters."

"Very intense, and sometimes funny..."

"...a great audiobook and enjoyed listening."

​"Actor Mark McCarthy, a resident of New Jersey, brings his local ear to the accents in this nostalgic tale."
"Recommended for Brennert fans and lovers of historic fiction."                                                   ‑‑ Library Journal review

 "...you feel that you are listening to real people, real lives."
"One of the best female narrators I heard....I will be searching for her work in other books now that I've heard her."

"I really adore Hollis McCarthy's voice, she is sweet and gives extra romance and love feeling in every book she narrates."

"Hollis McCarthy again does an excellent job with the accents and characters voices. She appears to have the ability to
 make them come alive, so you almost feel the emotions that they are feeling."

"Ms. McCarthy has the ability to allow the listener to forget that they are listening to a story, because she makes them 
feel a part of the action with her care of delivery. She presents a masterful performance." 

"Outstanding! The combination of this narrator with this novel is nothing short of pure poetic brilliance..."

"Her ability to morph from one character to the next is so flawless
​that you forget you are reading a book and not watching a movie."​

Mark has narrated for Random House,
Recorded Books & ACX.

 "...narrated by Hollis McCarthy who does a brilliant job!  She takes on many distinct voices and delivers a delicious Irish accent in the hero.  She has a fantastic pace in her read that lends itself to the movement of the story.  This was a perfect marriage of narrator and book!  I hope she stays with the whole series..."

‑‑ EargasmsAudiobookReviews.com 

"...the narration really adds to the entire story. ...Hollis McCarthy's narration of Tara Moore's story adds such wonderful color to the tale.  ...her character accents were flawless. ...narration seemed... all magic and wonder, which was perfect for this fairy tale."


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"Hollis can bring the characters to life in a way your mind can't. Supremely talented narrator. This book is a laugh a minute."

​"Hollis McCarthy is perfect as the voice of Jayne Frost."

"Great voice. Good character voices. Very easy on the ears. Nice pace and clearly spoken."

"Ms. McCarthy brings a genuineness to every performance."


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"...the narration was wonderful and fit the book perfectly. I loved listening to it,and am sorry it is over."

"The narrator was quite good for this book...His dialogue was very good."