Hollis played Celeste in BYHALIA MISSISSIPPI (below, left) and
​Esther in the world premiere of EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL (right)

at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival, a NY Times "top 15 festival." 

  ...McCarthy deserves special mention for showing the true breadth of
​ her character's emotional devastation..."
 -- Broadway World 

“The cast, with great naturalness, renders the characters as likeable and flawed, with the flaws accentuating the likeability.  McCarthy gives Celeste a self-awareness which makes us enjoy her even though she is narrow-minded and occasionally self-righteous.”  –DC Theatre Scene

​Celeste (played with a fiery raspiness by Hollis McCarthy) drove in from Jackson to be with her daughter during the birth, two weeks ago.  Needless to say, tensions are running high, and Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Savage get the love-hate thing just right–snapping, demeaning, opinionating, and loyally defending to the end.” 
​–DC Metro Theater Arts

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Hollis played a judge on CBS' BULL this season.  
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BYHALIA is by Evan Linder, directed by Marc Masterson, and WONDERFUL is written by Chelsea Mercantel, directed by Ed Herendeen.  Photos by Seth Freeman Photography. Click here for a link to NY Times' "Top 15 Festivals" article.


"Hollis McCarthy is outstanding as Laurel's mother, Celeste. Her comedic timing is exceptional and McCarthy has many hysterical, biting one-liners. Her character's transformation and abrupt switch involving religion and racial prejudices is expertly done." 
-- Broadway World

"​...played magnificently by Hollis McCarthy." 
-- DanMurano.com