More Audiobooks!  Mark is featured on Random House's THE LOST EMPRESS (click here to sample), and Hollis narrated Meara Platt's delightful Regency Romances (click HERE to sample)!

Hollis played a judge on CBS' "Bull" last season.  Click here for video highlights.

Hollis narrated two new biographies for Penguin Random House Audio and Highbridge Audio.  Award-winning author Lauren Kessler wrote, "Here's what I have to say about Hollis McCarthy's reading of the new book: smart, passionate, compelling,  soft hand in iron glove.
If you're an audiobook fan, you are in luck!"   

Sample by clicking here and here.  Now available on


​Mark and Hollis recently recorded "Crowded Hours," their first podcast, for BelieveEntertainment,
​ It's the first epidsode of a drama about the Roosevelts -- sort of an American version of "The Crown."

Mark's newest play, with the working title Perfect Tens, recently had its first table read
and will have a public reading soon at a theatre in NJ.  More details anon!

Hollis is narrating a 20 book fantasy series by Jonathan Moeller, with a strong, fighting female heroine and lots of action and adventure.  Listen to an excerpt here.   
Hollis narrated 27 titles in 2018.