Hollis is narrating a 20 book fantasy series by Jonathan Moeller, with a strong, fighting female heroine and lots of action and adventure.  Listen to an excerpt here.   
She also will be recording two exciting non-fiction books by Lauren Kessler soon,

for Random House and for Tantor Audio.  Hollis narrated 27 titles in 2018.

Mark's newest play, with the working title Perfect Tens, recently had its first table read
and will have a public reading soon at a theatre in NJ.  More details anon!

More Audiobooks!  Mark is featured on Random House's THE LOST EMPRESS (click here to sample), and Hollis narrated Meara Platt's delightful Regency Romances (click HERE to sample)!

Hollis played a judge on CBS' "Bull" last season.  Click here for video highlights.